Learn from its leaders why ImpelX is so different

All the benefit with none of the hassle

ImpelX brings together all the capability of a larger expensive project delivery tool-set without the hassle that comes with it like long setup times, the need for dedicated administration resources just to keep the tool up to date and in use, and most of all without the gigantic price-tag.

No More Unnecessary Documents

Remove the need to pass independent non-linked documents around to address the primary components of a project.

With one comprehensive view of all project content, including Traceability Matrix, Requirements, Solutions, Test Scenarios, Work-Plan, Issues, and Budget, there is no need for external project documents at all.

Accelerate the Project Lifecycle

Accelerate the project lifecycle by moving individual or group of requirements or solutions when ready instead of waiting for all.

This means that teams can save time and begin to build a perspective of the project early instead of waiting on all content to be reviewed and approved.

Advance Project Work with Automation

Advance the work of downstream team members with automation by generating Test Scenarios one at a time or all at once with a click of button.

Using the content of the approved requirements team members responsible for quality can skip the tedious test scenario creation process because they are created automatically based on information already vetted and approved.

Quality Injected Now, Not Later

Inject quality into the project lifecycle process much sooner than ever before to improve the outcome with efficiency, repeatability, and with scale.

With Triangular Traceability all team members responsible for requirements, solutions, testing, and tracking can see exactly what content is associated with any other content at a glance. With automatic test scenario creation those scenarios are ready faster than creating them by hand and can be used during initial testing.