Gain the most from issues and risk management to move your project forward.

ImpelX has highly effective and easy to use issues management. Associating issues with various project deliverables, capturing comments and conversations regarding the issue, assigning tasks to resources to solve the issue are all done with ease and all on one screen.

Keep your issues in context and centrally available

Getting all of your issues in one place, instead of in emails or spreadsheets can save time and money on your projects.

Having your issues and risk log integrated with the rest of your project deliverables is even better.

Drive issue ownership with zero confusion

No matter the issue, who owns the issues is always front and center.

Consolidated at the company, project, and user level, there is no mistaking which issues belong to you.

Capture everyone’s story

Record a single comment or an entire conversation.

Moreover, all comments are on display with the associated issue so there is no digging through email or meeting minutes.